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            Geographic Location

            Located at eastern tip of Shandong peninsula and the most eastern end of the mainland in China, surrounded by sea on three sides, facing South Korea and Japan across the sea, Weihai is the nearest city to South Korea in China.

            History Weihai

            Weihai has been a human settlement since the New Stone Age. In 1398, the Ming Dynasty quartered troops here and named the place “Weihaiwei”, which means “Having power over coastal area and territorial sea”. In 1898, Weihai was leased by UK. In 1930, Weihai was returned to motherland and became Weihaiwei Special Administrative Region. In 1951, the city was renamed Weihai city.


            Weihai covers an area of 5,698 square kilometers with a population of 2.53 million. The urban area is 769 square kilometers with a population of 590,000. Furthermore, Weihai has administration over three couty-level cities, one District and three national-level development zones, which are Rongcheng City, Wendeng City, Rushan City, Huancui District as well as Weihai Torch Hi-tech Development Zone, Weihai Economic & Technological Development Zone and Weihai Export & Processing Zone.

            Weihai has agreeable climate and distinct four seasons. The annual average temperature is 12℃æthe annual average rainfall is 800mm, the annual average relative humidity is 60%. Although being surrounded by sea, Weihai is neither humid nor foggy. The red roofs, green trees and grassland, blue sky and azure sea form a unique urban picture featuring “sea in the city, city in the mountain, buildings in woods and people in the green”. Weihai has been honored as the First National Sanitary City, the First National Model City Cluster for Environmental Protection, twice awarded by the UN as The Best Practice for Improving the Living Environment, in 2003, Weihai won UN Habitat Scroll of Honor award.

            Economic Development

            Weihai is one of the areas featuring the fastest economic growth and the most dynamics in China. Since 1987, the yearly average growth of GDP has been 18%. Weihai is among the Top 50 Cities in China in terms of comprehensive economic strength and the Top 40 Cities in China in terms of investment environment. Weihai ranks No. 27 in terms of city competitiveness in China.

            Weihai has developed economic and trade relations with over 160 countries and regions all around the world. The world's Top 500 Companies such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries, Hyundai Automotive, Japan Mitsubishi, Itochu, Japan Tobacco, Bekaert (Belgium), Invensys (the UK), ThyssenKrupp (Germany) have already invested in Weihai.

            Development Highlights

            In order to further develop economy, Weihai has planned “Three Bases” to build Weihai into a modern manufacturing base, a holiday resort and a processing & export base of farm produce highlighting seafood.


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