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            站在创业者身后,不瘟、不骄、不燥的记录互联网科技的变革与企业级服务行业发展。  不过,既然是媒体超前品鉴会,想必新机不会这么快发布,毕竟在今天之前,红魔没有透露过任何关于新机的信息,除了处理器外,新机外观和其他主要配置一概不知。  特别是儿童期乳牙和钙化程度低的恒牙更加容易受到侵蚀,所以家长要帮助小孩控制糖分的摄入量,更要监督他们正确清洁牙齿。



            另了解,朝阳区大力支持未来论坛举办“未来科学大奖”、“理解未来”系列科普活动等项目,使全球顶级科学家和投资人汇聚北京,关注朝阳,推动和促进区域科技创新工作,打造中国民间科学大奖平台、高端人才聚集平台、高端科普平台、高端科技创新创业平台。当然,英雄们也可以通过消耗时空碎片:堕落骑士的殿堂兑换到这些附魔哦!  此外,英雄们还可从时空礼盒:掠夺者的城堡或消耗时空碎片:掠夺者的城堡获得全新胸针深灰黄昏胸针。


            Linyi city is located at the southeast of Shandong Province, bordering Jiangsu Province in the south and facing the Yellow sea to the east. Linyi has a temperate climate and rich precipitation, with mountain areas, hilly land and plains taking 1/3 respectively.

            Linyi exercises jurisdiction over 9 counties, including Linshu, Tancheng, Cangshan, Junan, Yishui, Pngyi, Feixian and Mengyin as well as three districts such as Lanshan, Luozhuang and Hedong. Linyi, with a total area of 17,184 sqkm and a total population of 10.42 million, is the largest administrative division of the whole province in terms of area and population.

            The Yihe River, which flows across Linyi from south to north, is the longest river in Shandong Province with a total flowing distance of 574 km. On the east of Linyi City, the longest rubber dam is built across the Yihe River, which forms a scenic lake of 8.24 sq km in Linyi. The lake and dam have been listed in Guinness Book of World Records.

            Linyi is an ancient city with long history and splendid culture. It has a history of more than 2,400 years. Here was once the location of the Langyajun and Yizhoufu. Within the boundaries of the city, there are many ancient cultural relics, among which there are 40-odd historical and cultural sites under province and state protection. In 1992, Linyi was listed as a provincial-level historical and cultural city by the People's Government of Shandong Province. The Museum of Bamboo Slips unearthed from The Bamboo Slips Museum of the Yinqueshan Tomb of the Han Dynasty, the Former Residence of Wang Xizhi, Linyi Municipal Museum, ZhugeLiang's Memorial Museum and Yinan Beizhai Painted Stone Tombs of the Han Dynasty, have become the tourist resorts with distinctive features and have been taken on the list of tourist line opening to the international market. The Bamboo Slips Museum of the Yinqueshan Tomb of the Han Dynasty is located in the city proper of Linyi. On the 7,500 pieces of bamboo slips unearthed in 1972, such ancient books of pre-Qin days (before 221B.C.when the first Emperor of Qin united China) as Sunzi's Art of War, Sun Bin's Art of War, were recorded. The excavation of Sun Bin's Art of War, which had been lost for 1,700-odd years, caused a sensation throughout the world. Since it proved the existences of Sun Wu (author of Sunzi's Art of War) and SunBin (author of SunBin's Art of War ) and their books, which had been an outstanding question over the past numerous years. So the excavation was listed among the 10 great discoveries of archaeology in the 1970s. From ancient times Linyi had given birth to many famous men of letters. Among them, the famous statesman and strategist ZhugeLiang of the Three Kingdom Periods (220-280 A.D.) and the famous calligrapher sage, Wang Xizhi of the Jin Dynasty(165-420 A.D),were both born here.

            Linyi is a city rich in recourses. The agricultural products here are of high quality and large quantity. We have planting bases for peanut, raw tobacco and so on. Vegetables and fruits are the products with strong competitive edge. The output of honeysuckle ranks the top in the country. The output of ginkgo, garlic, Chinese chestnut and husbandry products ranks the top in Shandong Province. The output of grain, fruits and peanuts ranks the second in Shandong Province. As for the production of vegetables, Linyi is called the "south vegetable garden of Shandong" due to its large scale, good quality and non-pollution.Other special local products, such as Pingyi honeysuckle, Cangshan garlic, Tancheng ginkgo and eight-treasure fermented soybean, are well-known at home and abroad as well. There are also many kinds of mineral resources in Linyi, of which 82 kinds have been explored. Linyi is also rich in water resources with the total and per capita amount ranking in the front in the province. The tourism resources in Linyi are of special characteristics. Mount Meng, one of the national AAAA-grade Tourist Attractions, is the second highest mountain in Shandong Province, and it is called the “Natural Oxygen Bar” and “Longevity Mountain” as it is very good for people’s health to stay there. The underground canyon has a total length of 6100 meters and is entitled the longest canyon in the north of Yangtze River and the best underground canyon for drifting. The Xiaobudong Rubber Dam runs 1247 meters and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Other places of interest, such as the Museum of Bamboo Slips and the Former Residence of Wang Xizhi all enjoy high popularity in the country.

            Linyi is a city with advantageous location and convenient transportation. The expressway from Beijing to Shanghai runs cross our city and forms a network with other expressways and railways. It is only 100 kilometers to nearby ports and 200 kilometers to Qingdao Port. Linyi Airport is the national second-grade airport with many domestic airlines.

            Linyi is a city with advanced logistics. At present, there are more than 1010 markets, with 79 specialized wholesale markets. We have developed eight pillar industries such as machinery, building material, food, wood, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, and metallurgy.

            Linyi has established cooperative relations with more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Many international companies from Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region with strong economic powers have come here for investment and cooperation as well as engaging in various other businesses. They mainly engage in textile, foodstuff, light industry, building materials, electronics, machinery, agriculture and real estate.

            At present, we have established sister-city relationship with Jinhae of South Korea, Renton of the USA, and Eskilstuna of Sweden.

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