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Shandong to promote construction of high-quality residential buildings

2023/7/13 10:11:41   source:金龙28

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          To accelerate the development and construction of high-quality residential buildings in Shandong Province, promote the transition from "having a home to live" to "having a comfortable home," and facilitate the healthy and sustainable development of the real estate industry, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Shandong Province recently issued the "Guiding Opinions on the Development and Construction of High-Quality Residential Buildings in Shandong Province" (Guiding Opinions). On July 12, the Information Office of Shandong Provincial Government held a press conference to interpret the Guiding Opinions.

          Ensuring quality is crucial for advancing the construction of high-quality residential buildings. Li Yonggang, the Director of the Quality and Safety Division of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Shandong Province, stated that Shandong will accelerate the improvement of the quality information social supervision mechanism and disclose the quality information related to the safety of the main structure and the main use function. The province will comprehensively implement the signboard inspection of concealed projects, delivering physical model units upon completion with the same standards as well as comparative rechecks and elevated inspections for household-based inspections. He stated that the province will regard household-based inspections for residential construction quality as a necessary condition for completion acceptance to inspect the physical structure, aesthetic quality and primary functional use of each household and its related public areas. Besides, the acceptance will be conducted done on a household-by-household, room-by-room basis, including water, electricity, and load-bearing checking, with visual documentation made. Water-related rooms shall undergo two water storage tests for waterproof layers and surface layers, while more than 15 percent of external windows of the individual projects shall be selected to pressure water tests.

          Shandong Province will comprehensively implement the system of inspecting houses before acceptance. It will establish a house delivery follow-up system and vigorously promote potential defects insurance for housing quality. Within six months prior to the expiration of the quality warranty period, a comprehensive survey of follow-up inspection is supposed to be conducted on rooms with waterproof requirements and areas prone to leakage. For the parts that have been repaired and meet the maintenance requirements during the warranty period, the warranty period should be renegotiated jointly by the development enterprise, construction enterprise and property owner. Rapid closed-loop disposal must be carried out for any quality issues that arise. The warranty period for newly constructed residential projects shall be adjusted and extended by means of implementing construction conditions opinions and other measures.

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