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Shandong to promote comprehensive renovation of urban areas

2023/8/8 17:29:20   source:金龙28

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          重点推荐:刘伯温的四码四肖期期准 - 财经百科





          刘伯温的四码四肖期期准 - 财经百科

          Recently, 9 Shandong provincial departments jointly issued the Measures for Promoting Comprehensive Renovation of Urban Areas. The document focuses on the overall planning and systematic coordination of resources in urban renewal areas, and proposes 20 measures from six aspects.

          It proposes that city examinations should be regarded as the prerequisite and foundation for urban renovation. Cities and counties (county-level cities) should accelerate the mechanism of an annual examination and a five-year evaluation, formulate special plannings for renovation, strengthen investigation and evaluation, and accurately identify problems. For urban renovation projects concerning old streets, old industrial areas and old buildings, historical and industrial cultural resource investigations should be conducted in order to effectively identify renewal resources and value, and prevent excessive demolition and construction.

          It clearly states that while strictly implementing land policies and planning management, supportive systems should be established and adjustable conditions are required to be formulated. Besides, On the basis of fully respecting the existing situation, specific requirements are set for old urban areas, historical and cultural street patterns, street and lane layouts, greening rate, building densities and fire safety standards.

          At the same time, it encourages cities to establish urban renewal funds, issue corporate bonds and seek special-purpose loans in acccordance with the law. Diversified financing channels are also encouraged.

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