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Tianjin expo showcases cutting-edge helicopters, drones

2023/9/15 14:02:42   source:CGTN

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          Over 350 companies are presenting their cutting-edge helicopters and drones at the sixth China Helicopter Exposition in north China's Tianjin Municipality, of which more than 40 are making their debut.

          A total of 65 helicopters and drones were demonstrated across an exhibition area spanning 160,000 square meters.

          Fenglei, the aerobatic team from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Ground Force, showcased novel and stunning aerobatic stunts with its seven Z-10 helicopters, six Z-19 helicopters and two Z-20 helicopters at the opening of the expo.

          Z-10 is China's first homegrown, dedicated armed helicopter. It has the capability to carry air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground missiles, rockets and cannons, featuring a combat advantage with low-altitude, high-speed penetration for ground and air attacks.

          With the introduction of Z-19 after the deployment of Z-10, the PLA aviation corps has seen an unprecedented improvement, enhancing its overall combat capability.

          Z-20, the fourth-generation general helicopter independently developed by China, fills the gap of PLA's 10-tonne medium-sized general helicopter models and marks breakthroughs in several key technologies in the country.

          A hydrogen-powered drone, featuring long endurance, low noise and maneuverability, has captivated visitors at the expo.

          According to Wang Fei, a senior engineer with the China Helicopter Research and Development Institute under the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd. (AVIC), one prominent advantage of the configuration of the hydrogen-powered vehicle is that it offers longer endurance with the ability to reach up to three hours, whereas vehicles with other types of energy sources endure around one hour.

          "This enables it to perform tasks for a longer duration and cover a wider range," said Wang.

          By carrying different types of units, it can be used for various tasks, such as communications relay and 3D mapping.

          In addition, an electric-driven hexarotor aerial vehicle, the AR300 aircraft, which is equipped with a full composite material airframe structure and designed based on a modular concept, has been shown for the first time.

          Not constrained by ground traffic or the need for a helipad, the vertical takeoff and landing aerial vehicle is capable of swiftly transitioning between manned and unmanned modes.

          "Its distinctive feature is a replaceable unit hanging underneath, which allows for manned operation when connected to a passenger cabin or facilitates logistics transport when equipped with a cargo module," said Wang.

          Held from Thursday to Sunday, the exposition has become the only national-level international helicopter exposition and the only one with professional airshows.

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